KTWB "Big Country 92.5" Sioux Falls, SD

Genres Country
Language English
Location Sioux Falls South Dakota USA
Website Click Here
Frequency 92.5 FM

Experience the Heart and Soul of Country Music with BIG Country 92.5 KTWB!

Welcome to the ultimate country music experience! BIG Country 92.5 KTWB brings you the perfect blend of music, laughter, and personality to brighten your day. Our lineup of dynamic shows is tailored to keep you entertained, informed, and connected to the music you love. Dive into our world where country music meets incredible storytelling and vibrant personalities.

Weekly Schedule Highlights:

And Many More! Our full lineup includes a variety of shows to suit every taste and mood. From the soothing tunes of BIG Country Overnight to the energizing beats of Ryan Kelly's mornings, there's something for everyone at BIG Country 92.5 KTWB.

Join Us! Tune into BIG Country 92.5 KTWB and become part of our family. Whether you're looking for music to accompany your morning coffee, soundtracks for your afternoon adventures, or stories to end your day on a high note, we've got you covered. BIG Country 92.5 KTWB is more than a radio station; it's a community where the music speaks, the personalities shine, and the listeners are always welcome.